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Acer 250gb


Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge is a new and improved browsing experience.
Now, you can write and draw directly on webpages, read articles with a dedicated reading mode and easily share web content, all on a blazingly fast platform.
Windows 10 loves all shapes and sizes.
With Continuum, you’ll have a great Windows 10 experience on a phone, tablet, desktop or TV. Continuum resizes and adjusts your apps and content to fit the size of the display you’re using. You can even switch between Desktop and Tablet mode for a better experience on both.

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Feels Familiar
Windows 10 has the Windows look and feel you’re already comfortable with.
You can pin programs to the taskbar and view your app list using the start menu, just like previous versions. There are plenty of new features, but rest assured that you’ll feel right at home in Windows 10.
Cortana is your new personal assistant.
You can use your keyboard to tell Cortana what you need, or just use your voice. Cortana can help you search your device or the web, set reminders for you and much more. As time goes on, Cortana learns about you and becomes even more helpful.

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Dimensions 10 x 15 x 3 in